Kraken review: one of the best digital asset exchange
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Kraken review: the best digital asset exchange

After Jesse Powell graduated from California State University with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, he started Lewt, and later Verge, both internet companies.

But his crowning moment came when he founded Kraken in 2011, where he still serves as CEO.

Bitcoin exchange   

Kraken is a cryptocurrencies exchange that supports bitcoin, ether, litecoin, namecoin, dogecoin, ripple, and stellar.

Trading is two tiers; it may be done through digital assets, or between digital assets against fiat money. Kraken supports international currencies like the US dollar, Euro, Sterling Pound, and the Chinese Yuan.

Kraken has enjoyed a favorable reception in the digital assets industry. It has one of the highest trade volumes in 24 hour window, which means there’s substantial asset liquidity on their platform.

The exchange has made some acquisitions along the way, and the most key is the acquisition of cryptowatch, a data portal that provides real-time market details and trading services.

To get started on Kraken you’ll need to sign up through their website and create your account. The load is speed is unusually fast, and so is the trading engine.


Kraken’s digital asset market is especially liquid, thanks to a wide customer base, and high volume trades. Deposits and withdrawals attract low fees.


Any online company must invest in a powerful support system. Kraken provides different avenues through which customers may reach help.

There’s the chat box, email support, ticket system, and also social media.

This ensures that customers who have lost their way around, or are experiencing difficulties while trading, are given support.


Most of the digital assets belonging to customers are stored in cold wallets. This is a sure way to keep the hackers at bay. Also, the platform allows a user to activate the two-factor authentication during login attempts. And its servers are secure. Its powerful security features are the reason why the site has not been hacked into yet.

Margin trading

The account comes with a wallet, and you may borrow funds from the company itself so you can trade, but you’ll pay back an interest. Kraken provides high leverage.


You may automate your trading through various integrations. Kraken also provides API connections.


Professional bitcoin traders should secure an account with this exchange. Kraken maintains perfect relationships with the important financial institutions. And so you can decide to trust this exchange company.

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