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John Cena Promotes Bitcoin On Instagram

John Cena is the latest Celebrity to join in on the crypto-promotion mania happening in celebrity circles at present. He posted a picture of Casascius Bitcoins on his gram >> which has a 7 million fanbase >> and generated a lot of publicity for the digital currency.

john cena promotes bitcoin on instagram

Cena joins a band of other first rate celebrities like Mike Tyson, The Game, and Floyd Mayweather, all of whom have actively promoted bit-startups and ICO’s on their fan pages. This is a great marketing step from show runners in crypto-industry and the results prove it; ICO’s are gathering in hundreds of millions with only a few days of token sales!

Casascius bitcoins are basically physical bitcoins. They were created by a bitcoin enthusiast Mike Caldwell alias Casascius. They contain an embedded paper with private keys, available in 1, 10, 25, 100, and 1000 units, and are only bought from Casascius’ website. The private key is redeemable only once and thereafter the coin is worthless.

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John Cena remains mum on whether he actually uses cryptocurrencies. However, a celebrity like 50 Cent is known to have sold his album for bitcoins. Ages ago (2014). One only hopes he did store them in a hardware wallet because now with the bitcoin market inching toward $200B market cap, he’ll make a hell of a lot of dough.

The bitcoin price is on steroids, and just like Tim Draper said, by end of this year, it will hit $20K!

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