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It’s Becoming Harder to Buy Just One Bitcoin – Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem, founder of BitInstant, and senior adviser to both Changelly and Viberate, has claimed that the rocketing bitcoin price is only getting started. Speaking through Twitter he said:  “There will only ever be 21 Million #Bitcoin. Its becoming increasingly harder to buy just 1. Anything below $100,000 per #Bitcoin is cheap”

anything below 100000 is cheap - charlie shrem

Charlie Shrem is one of the battle-hardened pioneers of the crypto-industry. As co-founder of BitInstant he was convicted of money laundering and did time. Back then bitcoin had not been mainstream and was still considered sort of illegal commodity.

Since Charlie came out of prison he has not been active in the business-circles but has opted to remain in the background and take consultancy jobs rather than leadership roles. He is a senior adviser to Changelly and Viberate, and was instrumental in the creation of the cryptocurrency-backed social media Steemit.

Charlie recently married his college sweetheart and has kept a low profile since.

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His Twitter statement about bitcoin’s price revving up is the current industry talk, with some people believing that bitcoin will grow to take the place of conventional fiat money, and others saying that bitcoin is nothing more than an artificially inflated bubble and it wont be long before it goes off.

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