What is an individual Retirement Account?

An Individual Retirement Account holds an individual’s accumulated savings for use in retirement. IRA’s are tax qualified investments and are thus set up with certified financial institutions. Creating an IRA is certainly one of the best ways to plan for old age.

What are the benefits of setting up an IRA?

#1. Security. When an individual is too old and cannot work anymore. The IRA fund acts as a cushion. In this way they may afford a decent lifestyle without having to ask for money from their folk, threatening to call down a curse on them.

#2. Tax defer. It gives you a chance to defer taxes for as long as you’d want, with the only restriction being that you must not withdraw the money until the wait period is over.

#3. Withdraw. When you are above age 59 you can withdraw the funds.

#4. Best terms. Retirees are subject to the best terms, as payment is made on the basis of both single and double life expectancy.

 Categories of Individual Retirement Accounts

#1. Deductible IRA. Traditional IRA’s are held by financial institutions like commercial banks and retail brokers. A Traditional IRA basically allows an individual to save up tax-qualified income up to the specified limit.

#2. Non-deductible IRA. The Non-deductible IRA is practically the same as Deductible IRA except that the account is funded with after-tax income. Taxes are paid on withdrawals from Non-deductible IRA’s.

#3. Roth IRA. The Roth IRA is the same as Non-deductible IRA, in the sense that it is funded with after-tax income, but there’s no tax charged on the withdrawals.

Investing in an IRA

You may choose the best financial markets to invest your IRA in, but considering the current failing economy and dollar devaluation, Gold IRA is slowly becoming the most reasonable choice.

Steps of setting up a Gold IRA

#1. Choose a Custodian. You should always pick a reputable financial institution as your custodian. When you supply the requisite documents, your IRA will then be set up, and next you may fund the account with enough money to purchase your desired quantity of precious metals.      

#2. Choose a Precious Metals Dealer. You already have an Individual Retirement Account with money in it. Now what’s remaining is to purchase the precious metals through a trusted dealer. You must research well before you pick a dealer, because there are too many scammers out there, waiting to trick you.

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