iPayYou Wallet Review
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iPayYou Bitcoin Wallet Review

iPay You considers itself the world’s easiest, safest, and most useful bitcoin wallet.

This wallet has been built around a secure element and so it promises high security score among bitcoin wallets.

iPay You will be most useful to people who spend a lot of their time online and have many errands to run.

The wallet not only makes it possible to buy and sell bitcoin, but to spend the digital currency as well.

The only downside to it is the fact that it is supports only one currency (the bitcoin). It is important for wallet-making companies to include support for multi currencies (like ether and monero and dash) not only for purpose of gaining a large market share in the bitcoin wallet market but also as a way of acknowledging the growth that other altcoins are experiencing (it is even possible that Ethereum will turn out more successful than bitcoin).

Topnotch Security

iPayYou wallet keeps all funds in your personal bitcoin account – not in their pooled wallet. You retain full control over your funds and can see your balance directly on the blockchain. Your private keys are encrypted on iPay servers and are backed up, backed up again and then just for safe measure, backed up again.

 Purchase Gift Cards

You may purchase popular gift cards such as Amazon.com and Starbucks! Send your gift cards as gifts to anyone …or… sell them back to iPay You.

With iPayyou, you’ll be able to Email your gift cards directly from your account. New brands will be added all the time!

Pay through Email and Twitter

Need to pay a friend? Simply type in their email or Twitter handle and iPay You will make sure that they get paid. No more asking them to pre-create a bitcoin address. And no more clashing with people you owe dough.

Recover Money

You may have had that blockchain transactions are irreversible.

Well, in the event that you have made an error in an outbound transaction by perhaps putting in the wrong figure, you can take it back before the person on the other end claims it, whether you had sent the transaction through email or twitter.

Though iPay You will forgive you about sending money to wrong address, use Samourai wallet to eliminate errors.

But and Sell Bitcoin

All you need is to deposit some money into your account to get you started. You can fund your account via an ACH transfer in the USA or by using any of the major bank accounts. The process of buying or selling is seamless.

Easy to Use

iPayYou is powerful yet surprisingly simple. Send bitcoin as payment to anyone in your life… even those who know little about bitcoin. iPay will make it simple for them to get into bitcoin!

Withdraw to your Bank

Simply withdraw money to your bank at any time! Best yet, you can set an auto-withdraw so that any money that is sent to you gets automatically sent to your bank in USD!

iPay You Wallet Features


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