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IOTA (MIOTA) Overview

The name IOTA is noticeably a corruption of IOT (Internet of Things).

As the Internet of Things continues to build up, so does the need to share resources.

IOTA aims to play a critical role in ensuring that entrepreneurs generate maximum revenue.

IOTA will do so by providing a free platform so that anyone can monetize their resources.

The IOTA platform is based on the Tangle Ledger.

What’s the Tangle?

It is the main innovation behind IOTA.

The Tangle is a distributed ledger (much less like blockchain) except that it is lightweight, scalable, and does not cost a penny.

The Tangle is a decentralized, self-regulating peer to peer network.


This is the digital value token native to the IOTA platform.

Micro Transactions

The Tangle architecture makes it possible to perform micro and nano transactions. This new “blockless blockchain” will allow anyone to monetize their idea because they won’t need to pay as was previously demanded by other platforms.

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