IndieSquare Wallet Review
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IndieSquare Wallet Review

IndieSquare is a cryptocurrency wallet by Counterparty for mobile users.

Through the wallet, you can send or receive tokens issued from your mobile device.

Counterparty allows you to generate tokens on the bitcoin blockchain and syncs the many platforms you may spend them.

Counterparty tokens are secure, non-forgeable, decentralized assets that are registered on the bitcoin blockchain.

You may use the tokens for various expense such as:


Reward points

Game items

The wallet is made for both Android and iOS users, and so, there is no exclusion.

IndieSquare is the first of a kind bitcoin wallet as it has brought Counterparty to the mobile phone.

The downsides of IndieSquare affects it worth because the wallet is disadvantaged about what matters; security.

The wallet has no multi-sig feature, no two-step authentication; which make it a somewhat dangerous wallet to use. We all know the security benefits of, for instance, Multi-sig in transactions.

But on the plus side, IndiSquare is open-source, like Omniwallet, meaning the mistakes can be rectified.

IndieSquare features

IndieSquare website


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