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When you look at the number of bitcoin-centered startups that fall apart in their infancy, one thing is certain:

Entrepreneurs in the bitcoin niche face enormous challenges (that translate into losses for their businesses).

But what’s causing that?

A small curse. Bitcoin has not been mass-adopted yet. In other words, there are no large numbers of people in the world that use (bitcoin) as a mode of payment. In that sense, bitcoin has not provided value to many people over large geographical locations, as compared t/say, the dollar, which curtails its value.

And so, if an enterprising individual (or company) is going to start a bitcoin-centered business, you can imagine how harsh the environment is gonna be. Losses everywhere.

But before we move on, let me make one thing clear; it’s not that there are no markets at all for bitcoin-related products; markets are there (in small to average sizes). But it is extremely challenging to target these markets using conventional methods like surveys and your grand mom’s intuition.

So bitcoin is a financial tool whose potential is still in the developmental stage. And so, if you want to make a profit from a bitcoin business now, you must go to where “bitcoiners” have grouped together, or at least you must use a service that helps you single out bitcoin users!!

Don’t just open a small shop in the middle of nowhere and start shouting about your bitcoin-wares. No one is gonna buy from you and that’s for sure.

Well, the bitcoin price is revving up (upwards of $3K), and there’s a lot of media attention on it (ranked even in google trends) and so, in the next few years, it will be fairly mainstream.

When that time comes, entrepreneurs can afford to “toss a blanket in the wind” and set up a “creative” bitcoin business without necessarily beckoning to “bitcoin groups”.

But before we get there, bitcoin-entrepreneurs must approach bitcoin-communities; because that’s what we are at present (#BitcoinCommunity). Any product you create, it’s going to solve the problems of that “community” and so you must have a connection with¬†that “community” in order to make a sale.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate sales is the only way to survive as a bitcoin business, regardless of what service or product you sell.

It’s the only way you are going to tap into the numbers, with no filters, considering that bitcoin is global!

Remember, you can’t have it all.

There is no something for nothing.

Get into affiliate sales and be OK with someone else selling your stuff for a cut or do it all alone and sell to none!


RunCPA is a goldmine.

It’s the world’s biggest bitcoin affiliate network.

If you get into the network, your product/service will flash in front of the eyes of virtually all bitcoin users on earth!

At that point, the question of how much sales you can make will really depend on the utility of your product!

Genesis Mining and Hashflare used this program to rise from small companies into million-dollar market leaders.

When you join the RunCPA network, you will first set your payment terms, to make sure you are getting value and not just losing money (create milestones), and then your offer will be put in the system.

The RunCPA affiliate army will then pick up your product or service and promote it tirelessly over the ‘Bitcoin Community Web” which comprises of both hardcore and small time bitcoin users.

You will realize explosive business growth and unprecedented profit margins.

It’s a win win for both sides i.e. affiliates and product or service creators.

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