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An entrepreneur must be willing to learn and must be ready to put in the work. Otherwise, you’re gonna close down your business and cry that life’s unfair.

Bitcoin Business 

It is much harder to make a profit from bitcoin than traditional business. Not that bitcoin is not a viable investment ground or anything. It’s down to the numbers. More people use fiat money for transaction as opposed to cryptocurrency. And so, getting into bitcoins means you’re targeting a small pool of users, as compared to alternative currency, where the pool is large.


But that doesn’t mean that a bitcoin business cannot thrive.We have exchanges, wallet companies, software developers etc who are running bitcoin-centric businesses that are posting millions of profits in annual sales, right?

Although these businesses rose up thanks to the brilliant ideas they were founded on, there is another secret behind their success: affiliate marketing.

In bitcoin businesses, it’s not enough to blast an ad on TV like regular businesses do, and I can tell you for a fact that even buying ad space during NFL won’t bring you more sales than affiliate marketers would.

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Who are the affiliate marketers?

The common people you see walking around in streets with the added quality that they are cryptocurrency enthusiasts. If they have social media or blogs, they most definitely have an audience of like minded peers, that keep watching their activities. And so, if you had such a person as an affiliate, it’d be more workable for him to share a link to your product, than for you to blast an ad on TV, or advertise on Facebook.

RUNCPA Affiliate Network

RUNCPA is a network crammed full of such individuals. Take advantage of the network and get your product or service marketed by foot soldiers across the world. And then you’ll see your bitcoin business grow almost overnight.


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