GreenAddress Wallet Review
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GreenAddress Wallet Review

GreenAddress is a multi-signature, feature-rich wallet for storing bitcoins.

Unlike Zebpay-wallet, however, GreenAddress’ source code is public.

The wallet has incorporated an interesting feature that allows users to “quick login” into their accounts without compromise.

With the two-step authentication, multi-sig, and hierarchical deterministic features, your wallet is secure enough.

Also, it is important to note that GreenAddress does not keep your private keys, not even the encrypted files, which boosts up your account security.

The “quick login” feature is for lighter duties such as checking your bitcoin balance. However, to perform a transaction, you must log into your wallet.

GreenAddress cares about your privacy, and thus, they use new addresses for incoming transactions. This feature is known as hierarchical deterministic.

Your funds are protected with GreenAddress’ second signature,  and the two-step authentication may be imposed on payments; so that you have daily or weekly or monthly limits.

GreenAdress has attracted criticism to itself, chiefly for the high fees levied on transactions, and on a sad, for their rude support staff.

GreenAddress is without a doubt a nice wallet,  but if what I read about their support staff is true, then GreenAddress will fall.

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