GateHub Wallet Review
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GateHub Wallet Review

Just like CoinVault wallet, GateHub is a multi-currency wallet too.

Some of the currencies it supports include:

#Bitcoin #Ripple #Ethereum #Ethereum Classic #Augur

Just like Coinbase Wallet, GateHub has a built-in exchange for traders.

The wallet encrypts user private keys and stores them in servers where nobody can retrieve them info.

Customer wealth is stored in safe havens, and the wallet utilizes trusted gateways.

The wallet has a powerful user interface which will make navigating around the wallet a pretty easy job.

Also, there is an analytics page that helps you keep track of the flow of your money. You can keep watch of all the currencies and take notice when a currency appreciates or depreciates.

The wallet is all round great and a smart investment for cryptocurrency traders.

Unlike the Coinbase wallet, GateHub does not have the MultiSig feature.

GateHub features

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