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Exmo Exchange Review

Exmo is a cryptocurrency exchange situated in Barcelona, Catalonia. Using this platform, traders and investors can exchange fiat money for bitcoins. Exmo, unlike the South American exchange, Bitso, is open to the whole world, which means virtually anybody can hold an account with them.

The exchange has high liquidity, and a large client base too, and on any given day, bitcoins worth in excess of $4M are traded.

Fast Deposits 

If you have experience with bitcoin exchanges, you must know that some exchanges don’t value customers at all, and they delay transactions, so one may have to wait for long periods before a transaction goes through.

With Exmo’s fast-deposit technology, your account is credited as soon as you make a deposit. And this “quickness” spreads to other places. Which means you can sign up, get approved, and be on your way to buying bitcoins in record speed.

The system is also quick when you make withdrawals. Systems have put in place to ensure automatic withdrawals, which saves time.


When Exmo says it keeps your funds secure, they actually means it.

Their powerful security mechanisms like two-step authentication, SSL encryption, IP matching, and market watch, make certain to nip in the bud any unwanted influences.

Low Fees

The exchange is also noted for its low transaction costs. This is one of the key factor that has netted it a lot of users most of whom practice bitcoin arbitrage and are looking to make a quick buck.

User Interface

The exchange is praised for its great user interface that allows users – new or experienced – to navigate their way around trade, exchange, transactions, or bitcoin storage.


All cryptos : 0%
USD: Ceska Sporitelna WIRE (20 USD), Perfect Money (4%), AdvCash (0.5%), MoneyPolo (1%), OKPAY (1%), AstroPay (6.5%), Payeer (3.5%), Payza (4%+0.25 USD)
EUR: MoneyPolo (1%), Ceska Sporitelna SEPA (1 EUR), OKPAY (1%), Perfect Money (3%), Payza (4%+0.25 EUR), AdvCash (1%)
RUB: YandexMoney ADV (2.5%), AdvCash (2.5%), Payeer (6%), OKPAY (4.5%)


Cryptos: BTC (0.0001), LTC (0.01), DOGE (1), DASH (0.01), ETH(0.01)
USD: Perfect Money (1%), AdvCash (1%), OKPAY (2.5%), Payeer (3%), Payza (1%), Paxum ADV (2%), Capitalist (1%), Raiffeisen WIRE (20 USD), Webmoney CAP (3%), Debit/Credit Cards ADV-USD (2% + 7 USD)
EUR: OKPAY (2%), Perfect Money (1%), Payza (1%), AdvCash (1.5%), Paxum CAP (2%), Capitalist (0%), Debit/Credit Cards ADV-EUR (0.5% + 7 EUR), Raiffeisen SEPA (2 EUR), Webmoney CAP (2.5%)
RUB: YandexMoney ADV (0.5%), AdvCash (0%), Payeer (2%), OKPAY (0%), Билайн CAP (1.5%), Мегафон CAP (1.5%), МТС CAP (1.5%), Capitalist (0%), VISA/MASTERCARD AP (2.5% + 50 RUB), Qiwi WBB (2.9%)


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