Electrum Wallet Review
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Electrum wallet review

Electrum is an open-source mobile and desktop bitcoin wallet that was released under the MIT license.

No one controls the network, which means, anybody can run an electrum server.

It is famous among bitcoin users, chiefly because it has been around for quite a long time, and also because it offers a fast, secure, and reliable way to safeguard bitcoins.

You may sign transactions from a computer that is offline, and send value tokens from a device that does not hold your keys.


Electrum enhances user safety by putting in place the two-step authentication in partnership with TrustedCoin. And this system keeps thieves away from your wallet.

Electrum uses powerful technology to ensure that sensitive information like private keys never leaves your computer. The software encrypts most of the operations so that malware, if any, are kept in the dark.

The wallet allows for cold storage. In this way, you may hold your private keys offline, and still be able to monitor or spend from your wallet through the internet.

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This software wallet is compatible with many hardware wallets such as KeepKey wallet, Trezor wallet, and Ledger wallet.

Another important security feature of Electrum is the multi-sig functionality, and a user may be able to split funds between different wallets and sign outbound transactions.


The wallet comes with a recovery seed that will assist you to rebuild the wallet in case it gets compromised or lost.


Electrum does not slack; chiefly because it uses servers that index the bitcoin blockchain. Also, the wallet uses cutting edge technology.

100% Uptime

The wallet runs on decentralized servers that are not subject to any limiting external influence.

And so, your wallet is always up and running, ready to receive bitcoins from anywhere in the world, or equally waiting for you to send bitcoins to anyone!


The wallet ensures verification of transactions in your history.

Additionally, you may import your private keys and use them in other bitcoin clients.

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There is a reason electrum is popular among bitcoiners.

It fast, secure, and gives you a trustless payment system.

Not as expensive as, say, Block.io wallet, but it is still feature-rich.

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