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Digital Bitbox review: Swiss hardware bitcoin wallet

Digital Bitbox is a Swiss-made hardware wallet that provides both privacy and security of your private keys.

The hardware device offers bitcoiners some impressive functionalities; key among them, the ability to switch from one wallet to the next.

The hardware wallet may not have been architected using a secure element, but still, it offers your private keys reliable security by storing them offline.

The secure Digital Bitbox App protects you against most types of internet breaches that may lead to compromise of your wallet.

Considering that the wallet was built in a country where privacy is a big deal, you can set it up using a privacy-oriented web browser like TOR, and so, nobody can track your activity, and also, Digital Bitbox makes it possible to create “hidden” wallets using a secondary PIN!


Build-wise, the Digital Bitbox is only a dongle.

It is both portable durable.

Plexiglas and epoxy-filled material.

Fortified chip

The build-design of Digital Bitbox is a low point, though.

Minimalist designs might be appropriate for non-technical tools, but when it comes to hardware bitcoin wallets, robust features like screens and numeral pads become almost a necessity.


The screen of a hardware wallet makes it possible to set your PIN secretly and also confirm outbound transactions so that you are sure of the details.

Let’s hope that the next product by Digital Bitbox will at least feature an OLED screen.


You must first download and install the Bitbox App.

Next, connect the dongle to your device with a micro SD card in it.

Set your password on the Bitbox app, and you first wallet will be generated.

For security purposes, you must withdraw the micro SD and store it away.

2FA & FIDO Universal 2nd Factor

You may activate the two-factor authentication feature.

Also, the dongle can be used in compatible apps for FIDO Universal Authentication.



That’s quite a big price considering what other gadgets you could buy for less, and still get more functionality!

Buy from their website

Digital Bitbox Vs Other Hardware Wallets

To be honest, Digital Bitbox is neither a match to KeepKey nor Trezor, or Ledger Series.

However, it is a totally reliable tool that you should buy when it feels right to.

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