Dark wallet review
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Dark wallet review

Dark wallet was a browser that wanted to act as your bitcoin wallet.

I’m talking in past tense because the wallet came into operation for a time and then went out and says it will come back again?

Apparently,  the Dark wallet browser supports CoinJoin, and the browser is being bolstered in order it may support a variety of coins.

I used the word “apparently” above because my I haven’t confirmed it myself. When I tried to access their website, a warning message flashed on the monitor, indicating that everything was not alright.

Dear reader, as you can see, something is just not right about this animal named Dark wallet browser.

Here are some of the important things to note about the dark wallet:

1. The browser is still at the development stage, but when it had been operational, users had complained that it was faulty.

2. Transactions over the Dark wallet take much longer than transactions over the bitcoin network.

3. Unlike other wallets such as BitPanda wallet or Coinbase wallet or Trezor wallet, the Dark wallet browser allows a user to take a peek at the seed passphrase in case they forget it.

4. Dark wallet stealth addresses are 102 characters long, and they automatically generate new public keys for each transaction.

5. The team behind Dark wallet browser had conducted a fundraiser between October 2013 to December 2013 and only managed to raise $2075 against their 50K target.

6. According to online rumor mills, many of the people that donated haven’t yet received what they had been promised; cards, books, tee shirts etc.

7. The highest donation tier on that failed campaign had been $5000 and the perks included a flight to the UK to hang out with Amir Taaki and Cody Wilson.

8. The dark wallet GitHub page shows 34 open issues and 107 closed issues. Some of the notable issues are:

Request to measure the password strength

Adding an undo button

Cross browser support

Get a QR code to be read from a png file.


Let’s all stay away from this company.

After all, even if you decided to access the platform you wouldn’t be able to.

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