Cryptonator Wallet Review
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Cryptonator Multi-Currency Wallet

Cryptonator is a web multi-currency wallet for mobile and desktop users.

The wallet has enjoyed a high level of popularity from cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and it is not for nothing; it is feature-rich and has a lot of functionalities that many other wallets have not implemented yet.

The greatest thing about Cryptonator, and I believe it’s one of the important reasons behind their success, is there inclusivity. With Cryptonator, anyone with a passing interest in cryptocurrencies, small and large alike, has a place to start as the wallet supports multi-currency functionality.

Getting  Cryptonator saves you the hassle of signing up for other cryptocurrency wallets as you can operate multiple currencies from the Cryptonator.

The wallet gives users maximum functionality and is built around state of the art secure element, and for that reason, a user is guaranteed of top notch security.

Sensitive wallet data is stored encrypted on the servers and there is no second or third or any other party that can access the data.

Their servers operate under the best security standards in the industry, and so, your digital wealth is very secure against external threats.

 Supported Currencies

Bitcoin BTC
Blackcoin BLK
Dogecoin DOGE
Litecoin LTC
Paycoin XPY
Peercoin PPC
Primecoin XPM
Reddcoin RDD
Vertcoin VTC
Zcash ZEC

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The wallet has a built-in exchange for through which traders may perform direct crypto-currencies exchange without having to switch to a different platform.

The wallet is operational full time and can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices alike. The wallet is easy to use and when there is a difficulty encountered, the support team is at the ready to help.

The Support Team

The support team of Cryptonator is just like that of Bread wallet: perfect.

There are a number of ways to reach the support desk; phone, email, ticketing, and so on.

The support will assist with the challenges and restore you on the right path.


Unlike, say, GreenAddress wallet, which is known to charge exorbitant fees, Cryptonator asks for low fees, and yet their services are top-notch.

This is the other reason why Cryptonator has become very popular in the cryptocurrency space; it has been reviewed over ten thousand times by customers, and their rating is still 4+, which can only mean that customers are happy with the wallet.


The wallet provides great usability, high-level anonymity, and security.

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This way, a trader does not leave their print while closing transactions, unlike, say, traditional finance institutions where key people know about your transaction moves and so on.

Anonymity is one of the key philosophies of the crypto-economy. It’s not that people want to transact in secret, but rather, they’d want to do things under the cloak of anonymity. There’s a difference.

The wallet puts up a new address after a transaction, and in that way, it is hard to keep track of a single address under the impression that the wallet owner’s monies are held by that single address, thereby providing total privacy.


Cryptonator is popular for these four reasons; its usability, privacy, security, and low fees.

Cryptonator website

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