Counterwallet review
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Counterwallet Review

Counterwallet was created by the Counterparty developers team, and the wallet lets you store bitcoins and Counterparty value tokens like BitCrystals and FoldingCoin.

If you are keeping an eye on the bitcoin price, then you must be knowing that the bitcoin price is on the up and up, and not only bitcoin price but virtually all digital currencies.

This explains the proliferation of wallets that are seeking to store customer’s digital wealth.

The number one precedence to every bitcoin wallet is about security.

How secure is Counterwallet?

All encryption is handled on client-side, which means that neither your private keys nor any other sensitive information would leave your device.

Counterwallet passphrases are highly secure and protect your wallet against any attacks. Thi feature makes it really hard for a hacker to gain access to your wallet.

There are no wallets to backup, and with only your passphrase, you can gain entry to your wallet from any secure web browser.

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The wallet is simple and secure to log in, unlike Dark wallet. It does not even require you to first register an account before using the service.

The most important thing about Counterwallet is the passphrase; basically, that is your wallet, and once you log in using the passphrase, new addresses and private keys are generated.


Counterwallet is a product from Counterparty.

The wallet is open source, which means developers can review the wallet and make amends where necessary.

The aim of making public the source code of a project is mainly to improve the quality of that project.

WordPress is a prime example of successful open source projects.

Counterparty has gone ahead as to even allow a user to run their own server.


Although a newbie, this Counterparty wallet aims to dethrone dominant web wallets in the long run, such as Coinbase wallet.

Meanwhile, anybody should feel free to join!

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