CoolWallet review
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CoolWallet Review

When you land on the website of CoolWallet, this is the bold claim that you first see:

CoolWallet is the most convenient bitcoin hardware wallet. You can now enjoy the best Bitcoin experience with the credit-card-size Bluetooth device.

This is an outright lie.

The guy who wrote this needs to be searched out and smacked in the head.

CoolWallet is in the league of mediocre wallets like Counterwallet, not sophisticated devices like the Trezor wallet or KeepKey wallet.

Before we even get further, it already seems CoolWallet is not really cool after all?

The Materials

A lot of “using the mind” went into packaging the product.

When you rip the box open, you will notice the sleek coolwallet, which resembles a credit card; the charger, and other complementary tools such as USB, blank sheet and lanyard.

CoolWallet is a Bluetooth device, which means, it can be synced with both computer and mobile devices.

The Set Up 

Unlike Trezor wallet or KeepKey wallet, setting up CoolWallet is a relatively tall order.

First off, you must download an App into your device so you might be able to generate the recovery seed.

Next, you are to open the CoolWallet and pair it with your device, all the while watching the OLED screen.

Next, you must create a private key and also generate the recovery pass phrase; and you may choose between a numeral-seed or alphabetical-seed.

The wallet requires you to solve a tedious math problem of addition; it involves adding together large figures about 15 times. And I’m thinking, well, CoolWallet should have included a calculator in the box.

Your account is created and you can now move bitcoins.

Public Opinion 

Want to hear what people are saying?

“The creators of CoolWallet deserve to be captured and jailed!”


CoolWallet is not precisely on its way to greatness, but I hope that they will not bow out of the race, and that they will keep the products coming. A company like Ledger started out with a stupid product and we insulted them and now they are on top of their game with legendary devices like the Ledger Blue wallet.

But what is important is that CoolWallet is legit and people should sign up.

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