CoinSpot Wallet Review
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CoinSpot Wallet Review

Coinspot is a free wallet for bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin etc.

This wallet is built for both desktop and mobile users.

The Coinspot wallet may be a somewhat late-entrant into the scene, but it is on its way to capture a large market share, assuming they have the stamina to keep at it.

Unlike BitGo wallet, the greatest feature about Coinspot is their multi-currency support, and in this way, the wallet can support many other digital currencies apart from bitcoin.

This is a very great feature that adds up to the convenience. We have all reasons to believe that bitcoin will succeed, and it already has, but what would happen in the instance that the hardfork threat came to pass?

Bitcoin would crash!

And then we would need to have another digital currency (possibly Ethereum Classic) take up the top spot in the cryptocurrency food-chain.

Low Fees 

This wallet is among the best simply because of its low fees. And so, you would save a lot of dough if your transactions were “big”.

It is important to note that the low fees will not cause your funds to be stuck on the blockchain for a lifetime. The speed remains terrific.

Both mobile and desktop users

Unlike wallets like Bread wallet, CoinSpot is built for both mobile and desktop users.

In this way, there is a wider pool of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that can make use of the wallet.

Online Shopping

The wallet allows you to spend online securely at no charges!

There is virtually nowhere else you’ll spend and not be charged.

Also, the shopping is done within high-grade security.


The wallet is linked up to an exchange.

What does this mean?

You may be able to trade directly from your wallet!

This saves you a lot of time for signing up in a different exchange.

Manage your Funds

CoinSpot enables you to track your spending habits and have control over your money. You won’t just wake up and realize your account is empty and yet cannot see where your money went?

CoinSpot Multicoin Wallet


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