CoinCorner wallet review
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CoinCorner Wallet Review

Just like the Bitwala wallet, CoinCorner is a web-based wallet for keeping bitcoins. The platform not only makes it super-easy to store bitcoins but also to buy them. It has an integrated platform where you may buy BTC with debit card, credit card, or deposit via SEPA and bank transfer.

At CoinCorner, the sign up process is hassle-free, unlike other wallets like Coinbase wallet, where the sign up process may feel muddled.

With CoinCorner you won’t have to upload a crappy image of yourself or scan an identity card.

You must only submit the correct information about yourself and you are set to buy bitcoins.

So CoinCorner is both a bitcoin wallet and a marketplace!


The wallet can be used on an Apple device or a Windows device or even Android. The CoinCorner App launches into the internet from where you can manage your wallet. The wallet App has many advanced features, and through it you are able to buy or sell bitcoins, or send and receive bitcoins.

CoinCorner seems to be anti wasting time, in the sense that transactions are swift, and once an initial verification is performed, the wallet has no need to perform subsequent verifications.

If you have ever interacted with bitcoin companies like Coinbase you understand how they can make you feel like a criminal with their never ending desire to “verify”.


Just as it is with any bitcoin wallet worth its name, CoinCorner is a good enough wallet in terms of security.

The wallet has put in place the 2FA verification system during logins.

About 90% of bitcoins are held in cold storage, and in the unlikely event that hackers visited, they’d be effectively blocked out.

Public Opinion

CoinCorner has not gathered traction in the cryptocurrency space. And so, it is not in the lips of many. It is also refreshing that when you conduct a Google search with the keywords “scam” alongside “CoinCorner” nothing comes up. This means that it is a trustworthy wallet.


The bitcoin price is on the rise. As more people transition into bitcoin, startups like CoinCorner will definitely find their niche.

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