Coinbase Wallet Review
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Coinbase Wallet Review

Coinbase is among the largest establishments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

It offers an array of services from exchanges to digital software retail and now wallets.

The Coinbase wallet is a web-based, easy to use, secure wallet.

Featuring both multi-sig functionality and two-step authentication, the wallet is reasonably secure against fraud.

For a long time, Coinbase has positioned itself as the facilitator of both fast and cheap global payments. This philosophia of theirs is evident in this wallet too, because transactions are done off the blockchain.

The wallet is integrated with the Coinbase trading platform, where you can exchange your cryptos for fiat money.

Also, you may be able to buy good and services using the wallet.

On the downside, Coinbase Wallet is open source, just like the Circle Wallet.

Coinbase features

Coinbase website

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