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Coinbase: Bitcoin Exchange & Digital Currency Wallet

Founded: 2012

Headquarters: San Francisco

Key People: Brian Armstrong, Fred Ehrsam

Coinbase Review - Bitcoin Startup

Coinbase is a world leading bitcoin exchange and digital asset management platform.

Bitcoin exchanges allow traders to buy and sell bitcoins through a number of methods like bank transfer and wire.

Traders may make money through bitcoin arbitrage or through margin trading >> which is basically loaning out bitcoins and levying an interest on your creditor.

Having received positive reviews in the business world, Coinbase has partnered with many online businesses, for instance Expedia, as the major payment processor.

In this case, clients of other businesses that wish to pay with bitcoin are redirected to Coinbase at checkout, and Coinbase’s instant conversion tool turns bitcoins into money, and sends out the money to these businesses, at a fee of course.

Coinbase’ co founder, Brian Armstrong, is an influential figure in the crypto industry.


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