Coinapult Wallet Review
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Coinapult wallet review

Coinapult is a feature-rich web wallet for both mobile and desktop users.

Unlike Unocoin-wallet, though, Coinapult does not have a dedicated App.

The wallet allows users to buy, sell, send and receive any amount of bitcoins to and from anywhere around the world.

Coinapult has partnered with many bitcoin-friendly banks, and so, “Coinapulters” not only deposit and withdraw finances from these banks, but also can conduct seamless trading through their linked accounts.

Stuck in a cave without internet access? Don’t worry! Coinapult will allow you to send and receive bitcoins through SMS to and from anywhere in the world.

Also, you can send or receive bitcoins with email. Using Coinapult, you can send any amount to a person’s email.

Coinapult offers ready-to-use API clients and shopping cart plugins; and so, you can integrate bitcoin services into applications.

The pricing structure of Coinapult is very detailed. Rates are guaranteed and their in-depth pricing tools are published.

Coinapult features

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Coinapult website 

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