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Charlie Shrem Joins Viberate To Transform Showbiz in Slovenia

The Slovenian music composer Uros Umek has launched Viberate; a smart contract platform that will ensure musicians make more money by eliminating middlemen.

Using this blockchain app, musicians will now be able to manage their bookings and earnings, cutting back the expense that would go toward shady middlemen.

Uros Umek has managed to tap into the talents of Pinterest’s senior employee, Dr. Jure Leskovec, and the founder of BitInstant, Charlie Shrek, to act as Viberate’s advisers.

charlie shrem set to help musicians earn more money

Charlie Shrem is Quoted by CoinDesk as saying that he was very excited to join the company because music is something integral in his life and that he knows firsthand that musicians don’t earn as they ought to, and that sealing the loops was going to be a major way of boosting earnings.

Escaping Traditional Business

Observers are keen to notice that in recent times, Charlie seems to be diverting his energy into non-financial environments.

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Having a stake in Steemit >>> a social media platform, and now Viberate, it is clear that he’s shunning the more natural (at least for him) finance sector.

But it has to be remembered that he got scarred in when he was thrown in jail in the beginning years of BitInstant under the accusation of operating an unlicensed money-transferring business.

Recently married to his college sweetie, Charlie said that with Viberate, he’s sure that bands (at least those that play in weddings) will start to receive fatter checks.

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