Coin.Space wallet review

Coin.Space Wallet Review: Legit or Scam?

Coin.Space is a cloud mining platform for cryptocurrencies, but it also supports bitcoin and litecoin wallets. A simple Google search tells you that Coin.Space is a company that is mired in controversy. For one, the precise owner of the company is not known. “Dayel Pawl”, an anonymous figure, is listed as the registrant of the

Stock Portfolio App Stockfolio Adds Bitcoin and Altcoin Price Support

More good news, guys. Stock portfolio App, Stockfolio, has added bitcoin and altcoin price support! Stockfolio is an app that is used by mainstream traders to track prices, and now that bitcoin price support has been added, it means that mainstream traders will also keep watch on bitcoin! This bold move by the team over

Five e-Commerce Stores That Accept Bitcoin As Means Of Payment

Bitcoins have come a long way, from being labeled as worthless by schizo-heads, to actually commanding respect as an alternative currency. What we are witnessing is the beginner moments of what must turn into a giant virtual economy! Although bitcoin has received love from even tech firms like Tesla and Dell (Yay) there are others