Howard Marks Admits ‘Mistake’, Changes Stance on Bitcoin

Karan Kapoor · September 10, 2017 · 8:45 pm 6,527 views After previously slamming Bitcoin and other digital currencies as “not real”, “fad”, and “a pyramid scheme”, billionaire traditional investor Howard Marks made a spectacular U-turn on his views on the new financial technology in his latest memo to Oaktree Clients. Howard Marks’ 180 Degree

Coinbase Raises $100M to “Help Accelerate Digital Currency Adoption”

On August 10 the San Francisco-based company Coinbase announced it has raised US$100M in a Series D funding round. The company says the large capital injection will be used to help “create an open financial system for the world.” Also read: Breadwallet’s Bitcoin Cash Tool Arrives Next Week — Full Client Coming Soon This week the

ethereum classic overview

Ethereum Classic Overview

Ethereum Classic is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts. What are smart contracts? These are applications that execute commands as per the program with no possibility of aborting or being censored or interfered with in any way. In short, smart contracts are simply faultless applications. Decentralized The Ethereum Classic platform is decentralized, which means,

ethereum review

Ethereum Overview

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that aims to build perfect applications that run exactly as designed i.e. there is no downtime, censorship, fraud, or any kind of interference. These faultless applications are “housed” within a shared, global infrastructure that can move value around and represent ownership of property, which creates an ocean of utilities that