Tech Problems Bitcoin Fans Don’t Like To Hear (That We Explain In Plain English)

Here’s some simple questions Bitcoin fans don’t like hearing about the tech behind Bitcoin, as well as a bonus question… by Half Dollar Tech Questions Bitcoin Fans Can’t Answer (But WE DO And In Plain English) What happens when the ledger becomes so bloated that it can’t process the transactions fast enough? There is a

Coding “Bug” Freezes $280,000,000 Worth Of Ethereum (Ether)

“Counterparty Risk” happens when it’s in someone else’s hands. Here’s the latest on the “accidental” triggering of the cryptocurrency software glitch… Severity: Critical Product affected: Parity Wallet (multi-sig wallets) Summary: A vulnerability in the Parity Wallet library contract of the standard multi-sig contract has been found. Affected users: Users with assets in a multi-sig wallet created in Parity Wallet

Jim Rickards Says “I’ve Worked With The U.S. Military To Disrupt ISIS’ Use Of Cryptocurrency”

Kinds of lays that whole ‘decentralized, peer-to-peer’ claim to rest. Here’s Rickards’ latest analysis on Bitcoin… by Jim Rickards via Daily Reckoning I write and speak a lot on gold. In contrast — and this surprises some people — bitcoin is my least favorite topic. I’m made my views known many times. Still, interviewers love

IBM’s Future Blockchain Projects May Give New Meaning to its Name

IBM could very well stand for International Blockchain Model in the near future because of its heavy investments in Blockchain technology. Juniper Research has released the results of a survey indicating that International Business Machines (IBM) is the top provider of Blockchain among all other companies, with 43% of the vote. Instead of “International Business

Blockchain eGaming Platform Wild Crypto Completes Token Pre-Sale in 96 Seconds

September 4, 2017 – Wild Crypto (SYMBOL: WILD), developers of a revolutionary international lottery and eGaming platform built upon blockchain technology, has completed its initial token sale in just 96 seconds. Ahead of the main token sale on Tuesday, 5th September, which begins at 08:00 GMT+1, the pre-sale offered early access in a bid to

Russian Bank Announces Opening of Blockchain Research Center

In a further sign that Russia is heading towards accepting cryptocurrencies as part of the financial system, the state-owned bank Vnesheconombank (VEB) has announced the setting up of a blockchain research center headquartered at the National University of Science and Technology in Moscow. Register now to the London Summit 2017, Europe’s largest gathering of top-tier

Central Bank of Papua New Guinea Embraces Blockchain in Effort to Help Unbanked

Central Bank of Papua New Guinea Embraces Blockchain in Effort to Help Unbanked In an effort to streamline their banking services and push Papua New Guinea (PNG) forward as an emerging marketplace, the country’s central bank has outlined a plan for Blockchain technology integration. The plan was presented at a conference on the topic, with the Central Bank…

Bitcoin Teams Up with AI to Tackle Sex Trafficking

While we at The Merkle have talked ourselves blue in the face stating that Bitcoin is not inherently a criminal asset, sometimes criminals do use it. However, dedicated blockchain analysts can make connections between wallet addresses and identifying information in order to track payments and unmask nefarious individuals. The latest technique in this regard is an AI

Silicon Blockchain: Intel’s Distributed Ledger Strategy Is All About Hardware

Silicon Blockchain: Intel’s Distributed Ledger Strategy Is All About Hardware In the age of advanced blockchain software, some companies are turning to something more familiar in their search for security and scalability – microchips made from melted sand. Far from a startup-led or open-source movement, at the forefront of this push to bring distributed ledger technology back within…

Bitwala: We Will Not ‘Fork Away’ from Bitcoin Version Core Supports

Bitwala: We Will Not ‘Fork Away’ from Bitcoin Version Core Supports Blockchain payment platform Bitwala has said it will “not actively fork away” from the Bitcoin chain considered genuine by Core developers. Responding to customer requests for clarification of its stance on SegWit2x, the company said in a blog post it would leave any remaining decisions “up to the market.”…

China: Number One Fintech Country In The World?

China has leapfrogged other developed nations to be the Number One Fintech country in the world As major global financial and innovation centers compete to become the “world’s Fintech hub”, China has not only caught up, but rather leapfrogged major cities such as New York, Silicon Valley and London. Many people are even claiming that

Government Agencies Adopting Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology

Government Agencies Adopting Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Government agencies are looking further into adopting blockchain technology and bitcoin. They hope to commandeer these protocols in order to protect military from mass-hacking campaigns, counterintelligence, and otherwise hostile attacks on their systems. The Pentagon is has especially shown recent interest in using cryptographically-guarded blockchains to aid their operations.  An…

PR: ICO for Tokens is Open for Investors

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