Cryptopay Review

Cryptopay is a special bitcoin wallet that receives a lot of positive reviews. The wallet allows for the best access to the bitcoin network. The card protects users against market fluctuations. It is pretty much easy to get started on Cryptopay. With a valid email address and bank account details, you may set up your

Electrum Wallet Review

Electrum wallet review

Electrum is an open-source mobile and desktop bitcoin wallet that was released under the MIT license. No one controls the network, which means, anybody can run an electrum server. It is famous among bitcoin users, chiefly because it has been around for quite a long time, and also because it offers a fast, secure, and Wallet Review wallet review is a web bitcoin wallet. It has great security features and powerful user interface. Six Hosting Packages When you sign up, the first thing you’ll be shown are the six hosting packages offered by and you must choose one: 1. The Newbie This account is free of charge. Adverts are enabled. The account

WageCan wallet review

WageCan Wallet Review

WageCan WageCan is a Taiwan-based company that is playing a key role in the digital currency ecosystem.  WageCan helps to convert digital currencies into fiat money around the world and also allows customers to pay for their products in both online and offline retails using blockchain assets such as bitcoin. Offering fast and secure transactions,

CoinCorner wallet review

CoinCorner Wallet Review

Just like the Bitwala wallet, CoinCorner is a web-based wallet for keeping bitcoins. The platform not only makes it super-easy to store bitcoins but also to buy them. It has an integrated platform where you may buy BTC with debit card, credit card, or deposit via SEPA and bank transfer. At CoinCorner, the sign up process

Bitwala wallet review

Bitwala Web Wallet Review

Let’s assume that you only had bitcoins, what steps would be subsequent if you needed to buy something? Rushing to a bank to get a document, logging into your favorite exchange to convert your bitcoins into fiat money, and then rushing elsewhere to heal your spending urge. Well, what if there had been a service

CoolWallet review

CoolWallet Review

When you land on the website of CoolWallet, this is the bold claim that you first see: CoolWallet is the most convenient bitcoin hardware wallet. You can now enjoy the best Bitcoin experience with the credit-card-size Bluetooth device. This is an outright lie. The guy who wrote this needs to be searched out and smacked

Counterwallet review

Counterwallet Review

Counterwallet was created by the Counterparty developers team, and the wallet lets you store bitcoins and Counterparty value tokens like BitCrystals and FoldingCoin. If you are keeping an eye on the bitcoin price, then you must be knowing that the bitcoin price is on the up and up, and not only bitcoin price but virtually all

Dark wallet review

Dark wallet review

Dark wallet was a browser that wanted to act as your bitcoin wallet. I’m talking in past tense because the wallet came into operation for a time and then went out and says it will come back again? Apparently,  the Dark wallet browser supports CoinJoin, and the browser is being bolstered in order it may support

Wirex wallet review

Wirex Bitcoin Wallet Review (Formerly E-Coin Wallet)

Wirex is at the frontline of mainstreaming digital currencies because it has provided bitcoins in the most convenient manner. A powerful App. Initially, Wirex used to be known as E-Coin, but the company rebranded as Wirex, and introduced a bunch of crypto products. Wirex For all the simplicity that the BTC wallet provides, Wirex amplifies it even more. Wirex

BTC wallet review

BTC Bitcoin Wallet Review

You cannot talk about the BTC wallet and fail to mention Bitmain. Bitmain Bitmain Technologies came into being in 2013 and was initially only about creating bitcoin miners using the ASIC chip technology. They are the creators of the beloved Antminer S1, and its latest version, the Antminer S9. The firm has gradually evolved from just

Blockchain Wallet Review

Blockchain wallet review

Blockchain is probably the most popular wallet today. The wallet is extremely intuitive and easy to use. The Company does store your wallet on their servers which does involve third party risk. Altogether rich in features and simplicity at the same time, and the Company has had a solid reputation for security – one of

Airbitz wallet review

Airbitz Wallet Review

Airbitz is the perfect wallet for storing bitcoins in mobile. The wallet is a recent entrant and it elicits mixed reactions. The account creation is a simple matter of login and PIN prompt. The wallet has both multi-device synchronization and multi-fiat currency support, which gives international bitcoiners a reason to buy the wallet. Also, the wallet