SegWit2x Deployment: ‘Excited Traders’ Drive Bitcoin Price Up

Bitcoin price has bounced back from price slump after SegWit2 Bitcoin has bounced back from its huge loss after bridging an ideological gap that poses a threat to the number one cryptocurrency. After its record breaking slump over the last week, Bitcoin re-surges to 2,300 levels as miners began deploying SegWit2x. The Bitcoin price has

Ways that your bitcoins may be stolen by either scammers or hackers

Ways that your bitcoins may be stolen by either scammers or hackers

The first bitcoin heist ever reported took place back in 2011. A bitcoiner under the moniker “allinvain” woke up to the loss of his 25K bitcoins! The loot had been valued at $500K. The nastiest bit is that “allinvain” could track the movement of his bitcoins by keeping watch over the public ledger; but still,

5 Advantages Of Mining Altcoins With CPU Rather Than Buying Them

Mining altcoins is fun. You get to play around with fantastic hardware like GPUs, FPGAs, and ASICs. And more importantly, you stand a chance to win a block reward! If you have looked at enough “bitcoin literature” you’ll understand that bitcoin mining is discouraged among solo-miners. Of course, there’s sense in that, considering that the

The 5 Best Bitcoin Mining Software, 2017

Mining software Although actual mining of bitcoin is the domain of hardware, a miner will also need to install complementary mining software, which will connect together the blockchain, the bitcoin miner, and the mining pool. This connection optimizes signal transmission, and so, the software may relay information from the miner to the blockchain and the

The Best Bitcoin Mining Pools In The World In 2017

In the beginning, one could mine bitcoins through their CPU! But mining through CPU’s proved difficult because the overhead costs would far much exceed the profits. Miners moved on to GPU, which was more advanced than CPU, and next was ASIC, a microchip tailored specifically for mining. Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) was a big step

How To Possess Bitcoins – Buying, Working, Mining.

Bitcoin was associated with the dark net for so long, and its users had been lumped together as merchants of sleaze, but not anymore. Bitcoin has turned out to be a valuable digital token, and for that reason, more people are extending their investment portfolio to include them. I believe that digital value tokens will

Bitcoin Mining – What Is Mining All About?

How does mining work? Bitcoins are getting transacted over the network all the time. The Bitcoin network reconciles the transactions into a block and publishes them on the public ledger every ten minutes. This is where the miners come in. They provide computational input that assists in verifying transactions.

Bitcoin Mining - What Is Mining All About?

Bitcoin companies that failed – Mt. Gox, Mybitcoin, 37 Coins, Neo & Bee, Gaw Miners

Technology has played a big role in establishing modern industries. For instance, the e-commerce sector and online media were made possible by the internet. Another world-changing technology in our possession is the blockchain public ledger.

What Will Happen To Bitcoin Since It Is Only Available In A Limited Supply?

What Will Happen To Bitcoin Since It Is Only Available In A Limited Supply?

Bitcoin users are divided over whether the capped supply (21M) is a blessing or a curse. As the mining continues, the residual reserve is getting depleted, and at one point, possibly in the 2040’s, bitcoins will run out of production.