Carbon Wallet Review
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Carbon Wallet Review

Built for Android and iOS users, Carbon wallet is a web-based bitcoin wallet with state of the art functionalities.

Using encryption, multi-sig, and passphrases for withdrawal,  the wallet provides maximum security for your bitcoins.

Outbound transactions require multi signatures; one on your part and the other coming from them; during initialization, you get to keep one set of the keys while the rest are encrypted on their servers.

Before transactions can go through, you must provide a passphrase and a digital signature from your phone.

The wallet operates the best Bit ID authentication, which means, malware and keyloggers are helpless against you, as they will be always singled out and blocked.

The wallet’s two-step authentication is not open to social engineering, as it utilizes an Out of Band Factor.

unlike BitInka wallet, this wallet is not open-source, which means, no further edits can be made to the wallet, unless the creator (s) made available the source code.

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All in all, the benefits of Carbon wallet outweigh the downsides.

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