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BTCjam Overview


Celso Pitta

btcjam overview


BTCjam is a platform that helps diverse people to connect and one that also facilitates borrowing and lending using bitcoin.

The company was set up to help the world’s un-banked people (who are several billions) because life can get tough borrowing from loan sharks. Their mission is to make credit affordable and accessible everywhere.

With over 100K users and 200 countries enlisted, BTCjam is in the right path toward reaching their mission.

In 2013, BTCjam was accepted into the 500 startups accelerator program and secured seed financing from a number of investment companies.

In 2014, BTCjam moved from Mountain View to San Francisco, in an expansion bid.

And in 2015, they secured Series A fundraising round.

BTCjam’s innovative credit model is providing a new path to financial freedom for users from over 200 countries around the world.

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