BTC Wallet Review
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BTC Wallet Review

BTC wallet was previously known as Blocktrail and is owned by Bitmain Technologies, a market leader in blockchain sector, and the owner of leading cryptocurrency companies like Antminer, Antpool, and Hashnest.


The wallet is available for the web browser, iOS, and Android users. Like the Armory wallet, BTC has been built using state of the art security, to ensure that malware is kept at bay.


All bitcoin users prioritize security in a wallet.

I’d consider a feature-rich wallet with weak security system as worthless.

Unlike, for instance, Exodus wallet, BTC has a two-step authentication system that ensures only authorized users get access.

In this way, chances of a fraudster/scamster accessing your vault and making away with treasured BTCs are near zero.

The multi-sig feature was added to the wallet too, in order that outbound transactions may have a zero-error score. This means that transactions are signed by more than one party.


When you’re initializing the wallet, one of the things you are prompted to do by the wallet is to write down the passphrase.

This passphrase will help you to reconstruct your wallet in the event that you lose access to your wallet. Using the seed recovery, you can rebuild your wallet via a compatible device, and recover your digital wealth!

Cold Storage 

BTC wallet is much like Armory wallet for it is cold-storage-enabled.

In this way, your digital wealth is kept in offline safe boxes, safeguarded against the reach of hackers and other frauds.

BTC wallet has a hot wallet through which you may monitor your funds and also be able to spend without compromising the safety of your BTCs.


It is very easy to spend BTCs via the BTC wallet. The wallet integrates seamlessly with merchant payment systems and can be used to complete payments in online shopping.

BTC features    


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