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BTC Bitcoin Wallet Review

You cannot talk about the BTC wallet and fail to mention Bitmain.


Bitmain Technologies came into being in 2013 and was initially only about creating bitcoin miners using the ASIC chip technology. They are the creators of the beloved Antminer S1, and its latest version, the Antminer S9.

The firm has gradually evolved from just a bitcoin mining company into a we-do-everything company; along the road, it has acquired several other outfits that are industry leaders in their respective crypto-centric niches.

We are talking about Antminer, Antpool, Hashnest, and Minerlink.

BTC Wallet had been originally known as Blocktrail, and then Bitmain came into the scene, and the name “Blocktrail” had to go.

BTC Wallet 

The BTC wallet is a powerful bitcoin wallet that has gained fame among bitcoin users for the cutting edge technology that evidently went into it.

The BTC wallet is both web hosted and downloadable as an app for mobile users with a variety of Operating Systems.

Multi-language Support

The BTC wallet appeals to an international audience because it supports a variety of languages. So people from countries that English is not spoken have a reason to want to sign into BTC, unlike, for instance, Coinbase wallet.


A wallet can promise you heaven, but if it is not secure, it is not worth a dime. The BTC wallet claims to have “simple” but effective security measures that ensure maximum security of your bitcoins.

The wallet has a two-factor authentication, and in case you are unable to access it, because of may be losing vital info, you may reconstruct the wallet. The backup file is downloaded during the initial setup stage.

Open Source

The bitcoin community boasts of geniuses who are not so keen about making billions, even if they had the opportunity to!

The BTC Wallet source code has been made public so that the community of developers may review the technology and make edits where necessary.


BTC Wallet would be loved by even your grandma, so who am I to say otherwise?

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