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Bitcoin News, Bitcoin Software, Bitcoin Startups, Startups, Wallet reviews wallet review is a web bitcoin wallet.

It has great security features and powerful user interface.

Six Hosting Packages

When you sign up, the first thing you’ll be shown are the six hosting packages offered by and you must choose one:

1. The Newbie

This account is free of charge. Adverts are enabled. The account uses public infrastructure, developers have access to API (so they can build integrating apps) and also, every network is given about 100 wallet addresses.

2. The Dipper 

This package costs $99.99 per month.

Adverts are disabled.

Like the newbie account, the dipper uses public infrastructure too.

It has the “instant payments” feature.

One network is assigned over 2500 wallet addresses.

3. The Diver

The Diver goes at $199.99 per month.


Uses public infrastructure.

Takes roughly 72 hours for support to contact and solve your issues.

One network is assigned over 5000 wallet addresses.

4. The Backstroke

Priced at $499.99 per month, the wallet is ad-free.

Uses private infrastructure, has a 48-hour support turnaround, and 12500 wallet addresses assigned to a network.

5. The Paddler 

It is priced $999.99 per month.

Uses private infrastructure.

Has 24-hour support turnaround.

6. The Surfer

$1499.99 per month.

This wallet is the creme.

Uses private infrastructure.

16-hour support turnaround.

5-hour implementation review.

Security review.

Custom API calls.

Unlimited wallet addresses.

Unlimited requests per second.


The wallet has a multi-signature feature that requires withdrawals to be signed by at least five entities, of which four are yours, and a fifth, theirs.

This distributed trust feature helps you establish custom signature configurations for your addresses.

You can add up to 4 keys next to key, and you can configure your own signature requirements.


All user-secrets linked to your wallet are encrypted, which makes it extremely hard to crack a PIN; it would take over 0ne hundred thousand years to crack the PIN basing on modern day computers.

Your PIN is never sent over the network, and thus, works on a totally secure element. Even the company has no knowledge of your PIN codes.

Considering how PIN is an important factor, you’re given a mnemonic to help you access the wallet in case you lose your pin.

Conclusion might be somewhat expensive for a web wallet, but still, you are getting some worthy enough value.

One major disadvantage is that is not open-source, unlike, for instance, the Ledger wallet.

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