BitX Wallet Review
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BitX Wallet Review

BitX is an easy to use bitcoin platform with a high score in efficiency.

The wallet is owned by Luno, which is a bitcoin exchange, and so, buying and storing bitcoins becomes quite easy using the App.

With only three easy steps, you will be on your way toward buying, securing, and spending bitcoins.

1. Sign Up

The wallet is free of course, so you won’t be asked about credit card info and so on.

You can sign up for a Luno bitcoin wallet on the web, iOS or Android.

The Sign-Up is hassle free and for your account safety, you will have to verify your info.

2. Money Transfer

The second step is to load your account with money.

If you’re a large holder of bitcoins, it is advisable to use bank transfer, and if you deal in relatively small quantities, then it is fine loading your account with credit card.

Once your account has funds, you are now ready to start business.

3. Buy Bitcoin

Now you can convert your fiat money into digital currency.

BitX will make is easy for you to buy and store and spend the bitcoins online.

If you don’t want to immediately spend your stash, you may as well “hodl” your BTCs and expect that at a later time in future, prices will be up, and then you’ll make a kill.

On the downside though, BitX is not open source, unlike, say, Airtbitz wallet.

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