Bitwala wallet review
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Bitwala Web Wallet Review

Let’s assume that you only had bitcoins, what steps would be subsequent if you needed to buy something?

Rushing to a bank to get a document, logging into your favorite exchange to convert your bitcoins into fiat money, and then rushing elsewhere to heal your spending urge.

Well, what if there had been a service that synchronized all of the above so that you could do everything without leaving your house?


The Bitwala service lets you manage all your finances in one basket, and using the platform, you may be able to shop, pay bills, and send or receive money under utmost security.

Global Bank Transfers

You may send money to people in different continents and the transaction would complete within less than a day.

In this way, Bitwala proves more efficient than the contemporary banks, where the ambiguous processes may keep parties to a transaction waiting for even days.

Bitwala offers the best exchange rates for SEPA and SWIFT transfers at the fee of 0.5%.

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Bitwala will let you send the funds in altcoins or in the form of as many as 20 different fiat currencies, to nearly any country.

Bitcoin Prepaid Card

Bitwala also offers the bitcoin prepaid, and the card is synced with your cloud-hosted Bitwala wallet, so it acts as a hot wallet, and you may spend funds off of it.

You may use the card to spend on e-commerce stores that accept bitcoins, and also, you may be able to cash out any currency from ATMs world over, at low and fixed charges.

Paying Bills

Through Bitwala, you may pay outstanding bills in either fiat money or digital currency. The web wallet allows you to manage all your finances in one basket, and so, you are able to reach the best decisions regarding your money (or at least it will inspire you to do that).


A bitcoiners would want a wallet with rigid security features, for instance, Bitlox wallet.

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But Bitwala is merely a web wallet with weak account security; anyone could access your account and steal funds if they had your password.


Not the best thing out there,

But still.

Just join for it being legit.

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