Bittrex review: one of the best american exchange
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Quick review of Bittrex: one of the best american exchanges

Bittrex is a US-based exchange and trade platform. It prides itself as a fully regulated exchange, compliant even with New York’s Bitlicense.

Bittrex’s trade engine is fast and secure. Customers’ funds are kept in cold storage. And the platform wallets are stable; making it one of America’s most important exchanges.


After signing in, a customer is brought to the navigation portal, from where he may start trading. A number of altcoins are listed on the screen. So he may choose first which cryptocurrency he wishes to trade and then proceed. Basically, the platform is designed to make for an easy trading experience.


Bittrex goes down as the exchange with the most altcoins for customers to trade with. It adds new coins as soonest possible. Although their dexterity may be lauded, on the other hand, it brings to question the worth of all these other altcoins. It seems that Bittrex almost has no standards.

Case in point is with their acceptance of “deaf coin”. Deaf coin was launched into the market in 2014 and soon after was found to be a litecoin clone. Nevertheless, Bittrex added them into their platform. It led to an artificially inflated trade volume and subsequent losses.

Thankfully, the deaf coin (gosh, that name?) was deleted from the platform.


Besides being fast, the website is also responsive to mobile users. So, mobile users enjoy almost similar functionality as desktop users. The developers are ever embellishing their app for Android and IOS users.

Algorithmic trading        

Although most trading is done through their website, traders may also perform trading through third party integrations such trading bots. This allows customers to “stretch” their time and be more productive.


The platform’s security is rigid. For one, compliance audits are conducted on all coins. The platform offers two-factor authentication as well as API use. Also, customer funds are kept in cold storage.


Bittrex is an American exchange with a proven record. The exchange seems a good fit for both professional and newbie traders.

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