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Bitso Exchange Review

Bitso is Mexico’s first digital currencies exchange that allows users to trade bitcoin and ether for Mexican Pesos.

This exchange was founded in January 2014 and its client base has increased about tenfold.

Key People

1. Pablo Gonzalez – Co founder & CEO

2. Ben Peters – Co founder & CTO

3. Daniel Vogel – Co founder & President

4. Paco Martinez – Head of Customer Relations & Support

5. Jose Rodriguez – VP of Payments


BTC (0.50% – 0.05%)

ETH (1.00% – 0.10%)


International Bank Wire


Ripple Gateway


Bitso is a very secure exchange considering the level of “market watching” goes on from the other end.

Creating an account is pretty much a painless task, but one is required to provide verification of their identity before they can withdraw money, and in this way, platform users are protected from the scammers and frauds that thrive where there are no verification systems.

The exchange is user-friendly too, just like LakeBTC, and it provides some tools to “market watch”, which means you can track the evolution of the bitcoin price, and be able to make fast decisions to your advantage.


BitGo is integrated into the exchange, and so, considering that BitGo is a formidable bitcoin wallet, you have the advantage of two great platforms at your disposal.

The charges at Bitso are pretty low, and this is arguably what contributed to their fast rise and domination in South America.


The exchange appears proud of the fact that major news outlets are praising it, for instance, CNN, CoinDesk, and FORTUNE. Well, in as much as this may be welcome news, it is also a cause for worry. I may be just cynical, but I’ve come to believe that businesses that receive excessive praise from media almost always give handouts to the editors!


Considering that Bitso is a Mexican outfit, I’m inclined to believe that the company may have taken some crooked paths on their way to glory.


The Bitso platform is custom-made for Mexicans and I understand their need for espanol on their main page. However, it wouldn’t hurt if they put a translation plugin on their damn website; some day I might be in Mexico and want to trade using the platform?


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