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BitPay Review


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bitpay review


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bitpay review


BitPay is a global leader in bitcoin payments systems. The company is at the forefront of ensuring that customers can accept bitcoin, store, and spend it (whether in the form of e-currency or as fiat money).

BitPay utilizes the most advanced technology in processing bitcoin payments. And so merchants can accept payments from clients as well as receive bank statements in their local currency.


The secure and open source BitPay app helps you manage all your finances in one place. It has advanced tools to help you even in profiting from the volatile bitcoin price (you can indulge bitcoin arbitrage for small profits).

Debit Card 

You can load the bitpay debit card from any bitcoin wallet and spend the funds anywhere that bitcoins are accepted. The card allows you to switch between fiat and digital currencies too, eliminating inconveniences.

BitPay’s mission is to ensure that it becomes easy to accept bitcoin, securely store bitcoin, and spend anywhere.


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