BitPanda wallet review
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BitPanda Bitcoin Wallet Review

Formerly known as Coinimal, BitPanda is a web wallet for bitcoin, ethereum, and next web. It has also integrated a trading platform so that users may purchase bitcoins and trade right away or perform margin trading.

Well, BitPanda may not be as pompous as, say, Wirex wallet, but let us give it a shot anyway.

Well, the company boasts that it is the most popular service in Europe for buying and selling both bitcoin and ethereum. Well, that is an outright lie there. The bitcoin philosophy is about thinking in terms of the whole world.

And so, when we have a company that wants to brag as the first xxx to yyyy in zzzz, there’s a problem. I’m pretty sure that the company where most Europeans flock to quench their bitcoin thirst must be a global-centric company and not fuck you BitPanda!


BitPanda claims to take security as its main priority. Sure as hell I have never heard of an incidence that BitPanda had been broken into by hackers and funds lost. BitPanda’s cutting edge security includes a two-step authentication and multi-sig functionality that secures outbound transactions.

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Developer Friendly 

The wallet is developer friendly in the sense that it provides API applications on which developers may build their apps.

No Downtimes

I don’t know why we are including this feature here as though BitPanda were a web host and the starving bloggers are curious about the “uptime” score. But even BitPanda considers it a worthy enough feature to list on their website.


When you visit BitPanda’s website, you notice that all the available payment methods are highlighted prominently:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • OKPay
  • PayPal
  • SOFORT Überweisung (Sofort AG)
  • SEPA (European Bank Transfer)
  • EPS (Austrian Instant Bank Transfer)
  • Skrill OBT (Online Bank Transfer)

And then its features are given a casual mention!

Big question: why the focus on “bring in the dough?”

Silly, right?

Until you do a Google search and find people saying that they got scammed there or are expressing fears that BitPanda may be a scam!


BitPanda seems a small enough company. In bitcoin philosophy of standing together as one, I say join the service! So that if they are scamsters or an untrustworthy company we will know and make war on them!

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