Bitlox wallet review
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Bitlox Hardware Wallet Review

At last, we have a hardware bitcoin wallet that massages the ego.

Unlike the makers of Coolwallet, the guys over at BitLox may be right when they claim Bitlox is the best hardware wallet ever, even though it’s a matter for debate.

Cutting edge technology has gone into Bitlox . The device is portable, secure, and aesthetically pleasant. Users are promised total privacy and security of their digital wealth.

Made for both mobile and computer users, Bitlox does not discriminate.

The device is available on the market in three forms:

Bitlox Advanced – $98

Bitlox Ultimate – $148

Bitlox Extreme Privacy Set – $198

Advanced Features 

1. Mobile with Bluetooth LE for low power usage and massive battery life

2. Credit card form factor

3. 4 mm thin – smallest possible!

4. Two-inch full matrix advanced e-paper display – can display your address QR codes when fully powered off

5. Indestructible shockproof & weatherproof metal case

6. Can be charged with any micro-USB cable

7. Extra flat form factor cables with reversible heads included

8. Multiple languages supported

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9. Display and sign free-form messages with your address key – proving your identity

10. Multiple layers of PIN protection – for the device, your wallets, and even for individual transactions

11. Device verification- set a custom phrase to be displayed after entering your personal passcode – that way you know it’s your Bitlox

12. NIST certified True Random Number Generator to secure your signatures

13. Over 100 wallets possible, each of which can generate millions of unique addresses

14. Hidden Wallets – hidden wallet data is indistinguishable from random bytes – only YOU can even know they are there and random byte structure means you maintain plausible deniability

15. Emergency PIN irrevocably wipes all user data

16. Full alphanumeric keypad directly on the device – entering your PINs has never been more secure

17. 12, 18 or 24-word mnemonic backups enable recovery of all funds if your BITLOX is ever lost or stolen

18. Mnemonic phrases are compatible with leading web wallets and open source tools

19. Fine leather protection case included FREE

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20. Stylish and advanced design that will be the envy of all your friends

21. Fully BIP32 & BIP39 compliant

22. Lightweight yet robust at only 25 g

23. Internally calculates transaction fees & displays them – so you never get a “surprise” with fees.

Want to make a bold statement amongst your crypto-centric friends?

Get Bitlox.

I totally love it.

It’s my wish that companies in the crypto-sector will follow in the steps of Bitlox and make “real” products with a store-house of features, not some half-assed gadgets like Coolwallet?

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