BitInka Wallet Review
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BitInka Wallet Review

Catering to the American and European markets, Bitinka is the bitcoin wallet associated with the Bitinka trading platform.

You may buy and sell bitcoins in more than nine currencies under maximum security and there’s a ready market to trade with.

The trade limit is 0.005 BTC and charges incurred over transactions are pretty low in comparison to other platforms.

Bitinka allows members to trade cryptocurrencies for their local fiat money; in an environment with maximum security.

The wallet has good relations with external financial institutions and boasts of having integrated with over 20 banks in both America and Europe.

You can leverage this privilege and start investing in bitcoin futures (if the bitcoin price keeps appreciating you will definitely make a kill).

What I didn’t like about the wallet is their website layout. It seems old and boring and the explanations are not articulate under translation (the original language is Espanol).

Otherwise, Bitinka wallet seems to be a hit among European and American markets (which is kind of boring really considering that bitcoin gives you a chance to go global)

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For a globe-encompassing mobile wallet, see Bitcoin Freewallet.

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