BitGo Wallet Review
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BitGo Wallet Review

BitGo is an easy-to-use blockchain-asset wallet with advanced security features.

The fame that the wallet has had among bitcoin users can be attributed mostly to its simple interface and revved up security.

BitGo is focused on helping businesses and individuals alike to integrate their businesses with their already-established payment systems.

In this way, businesses and entrepreneurs are able to retain all types of customers, diversify their payment options, and simplify the payment processes.

Using BitGo enterprise, businesses and entrepreneurs are able to manage their blockchain assets under enterprise-grade security.

This wallet aims to eliminate mistakes from transactions and create the conducive environment for optimal business growth.


The BitGo wallet has the multi-signature feature, which means, transactions can only go through after authentication by more than one party.

The wallet is backed-up too, which means, in the instance that the wallet is lost, it can be rebuilt using the passphrase.

The wallet also has the 2FA feature, which further improves security, as no unauthorized persons would gain access to your wallet.


Using the BitGo enterprise, you have a platform to manage your finances.

You can perform tasks such as payments, processing, treasury management, risk, compliance, logistics, B2B and B2C applications.

The platform is also appealing considering that there are zero transaction fees.


In this fiat-driven economy, BitGo is at the forefront of mainstreaming bitcoin and other blockchain assets.

So, the platform has encouraged businesses toward adopting digital currencies as means of payment.

Using the platform, you are able to process payments on exchanges, market places and other e-commerce players.

Who is it for?

Short answer: anybody that feels that it is right to buy it.

But the BitGo wallet is particularly modeled for businesses and entrepreneurs. Using this wallet, entrepreneurs can be able to merge their businesses seamlessly with digital currencies.


As it is with iPayYou wallet, BitGo has not attracted much criticism, thanks to their flawless service.

However, the platform would do well to have a substantially-skilled support team, and not shallow dudes/dudettes answering calls to spew some random (general) shit.

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