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Founded: 2007

Headquarters: San Jose

Key People: Satoshi Nakamoto review - bitcoin startup is the company that was founded by the person or group of persons under the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto.

The organisation is at the forefront of promoting the use of bitcoin in the world as an alternative to the slowly-failing fiat money system.

In the early days, was used for releasing updated versions of the Bitcoin Core Network.

Back then, Satoshi Nakamoto was a key player, however, once his creation, bitcoin, got a strong foothold and was embraced in the tech-world, he stepped back and left the organisation to his associates.

Nowadays bitcoin is an open source project and everybody is invited as a contributor toward developing and promoting bitcoin in the world.

Bitcoin is an electronic cash system that connect peers through the bitcoin blockhain. There’s no central authority to regulate the network, and by its very design, no single person should claim system ownership.

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