Bitcoin Core Wallet Review
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Bitcoin Core Client Wallet Review

Bitcoin Core is a community-driven free software, released under the MIT license.

It is the main bitcoin client, and for that reason, it is gonna consume a lot of space while downloading.

So, you must ensure that there is enough bandwidth and storage space.

By ensuring full validation of every transaction as valid, the wallet has the best interests of everyone at heart, and also improves security.

The wallet provides privacy for your transactions so that nobody can trace them.

The biggest downside of Bitcoin Core is that it is resource-intensive, and so, it might slow down your computer.

Also, the wallet lacks both the multi-sig and two-step authentication feature, which makes it susceptible to attacks.

But on a positive note, the wallet is open source, like the IndieSquare wallet, and so, developers may modify it enough to be a strong wallet.

Considering its nature, this wallet is only convenient for desktop users, as the kind of resources it requires cannot be produced by a mobile.

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Bitcoin Core Client features

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