bit2c exchange review
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Bit2C Exchange Review

Founded by Eli Bejerano, Bit2C is the first Israeli bitcoin exchange.

Users on this platform trade Shekels for BTCs. The platform is designed in Hebrew and in that sense it is made for the Israeli.

Although Bit2C serves a small geographical area, this has not hindered it from providing topnotch services, as the exchange offers revved up security and high liquidity to both traders and investors.

Traders on the Bit2C platform are protected against parasites of whatever kind. The exchange holds a zero-tolerance policy against market manipulators and it maintains a close watch as the exchanges occur, as a tactic of sniffing out the bad guys.


For security purposes, a new user must confirm their registration to the platform. This is a security measure that keeps out dead weight and one that also provides enough info about an individual so that the exchange may cater to his needs closely.


The exchange has a most favorable fee structure, and charges can go as low as 0!

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Users have a variety of ways to make deposits into their account wallets such as through bank transfers and other online payment systems.

Also, Bit2C is at the forefront of mainstreaming bitcoins in Israel by helping merchants integrate bitcoin payment options into their businesses.


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