Armory Wallet Review
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Armory Wallet Review

Armory is among the most secure bitcoin wallets. Like Coinspot wallet, Armory is open source too, and has the multi-sig feature.

At the time of writing this review (May 2017) it seems the wallet is undergoing major developments and it may be wise to hold back until they announce full operation.

This review is based on Armory as it has been all along; a secure open source wallet.

Its Free

The Armory wallet is given for free, and there are no hidden charges.

The wallet has been architected under a secure element that puts it beyond the reach of malware.

When malware enters your wallet, it may change wallet addresses of outbound transactions, causing you to send BTCs to the wrong person. Or it may even decode your encrypted data and use it to steal your digital wealth.

Open Source

The wallet itself boasts that it had developers in mind when it made its source code public.

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Using the available APIs, developers may develop bitcoin Apps like crowd funding platforms and exchanges and payment software.

Cold Storage

You want a wallet that holds the biggest percentage of customer wealth in offline accounts.

In this way, your BTCs are in utmost safety, and there is no hack-job to wipe your accounts clean.

Cold storage is one of the priced features of bitcoin wallets and of course its an advantage about Armory.


It’s been my view that any online company worth its salt must have a great support team.

If a customer is stressed about their funds, the last thing they want is to contact an ass of a support staff.

Armory’s support team is at work always, and they help customers while being pleasant at it.

The wallet is also ready to help large holders of bitcoins, such as the hedge fund managers, the brokers, the exchanges, trusts etc. It helps them take most appropriate steps.

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Designed to operate in virtually all major Operating Systems, Armory is about the perfect wallet that a bitcoin user may want.

As a reminder, Armory is under heavy sprucing of their system, and at this time, it is prudent to keep off the wallet until they launch again.

Armory features

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