Airbitz Wallet Review
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Airbitz Wallet Review

Airbitz is more than just a bitcoin wallet; it has become a security platform for Blockchain Apps.

Edge Login

Airbitz has totally solved the problem of frauds accessing user wallets.

Through the edge login, the world’s first single sign-on system, a user may login to decentralized blockchain apps with the scan of a barcode.

Private Keys

The Airbitz platform allows for no sharing of private keys with outside parties.

Private keys are created instantly, encrypted, and backed-up.

The encrypted sensitive info is kept in the servers of the wallet, and not even the wallet may be able to retrieve it, which guarantees anonymity of your funds.


In other wallets like Copay wallet, back-ups are only possible when you write down a passphrase or a seed word, which then you must type into a compatible device and re-create the wallet.

However, with Airbitz, you won’t be required to write down anything or save any file; as the authentication and back-ups are done automatically, saving you the stress.


Common wallets like Copay Wallet utilize enterprise security model, which centralizes valuable data, and this model has been shown many times over as unreliable.

Airbitz uses edge security; a system which encrypts all user data before it reaches the servers, and so, break-ins by thugs should amount to nothing, as the thugs would not find any user info.

Open Source

Like Copay Wallet and many other wallets, Airbitz is open source too, and this quality benefits the developers a lot.

First off, the developer community may review the app and make amends where there is need, and second, developers are able to test new bitcoin Apps using the APIs provided by the wallet.

In this way, developers are challenged to come up with Apps that can be integrated into the wallet, such as exchanges, and digital payment solutions.

Airbitz Features



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