Agama Wallet Review
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Agama Wallet Review

Agama is a cryptocurrency multi wallet created by SuperNet.

There is something about Agama that oozes class and sophistication.

Maybe it’s about their website..

I submit that their website design is about the best I have ever seen for a cryptocurrency wallet.

Everything flows seamlessly.

The App is feature-rich.

The Agama wallet is possibly the most advanced app on the cryptocurrency market!

The Agama wallet app supports all bitcoin-compatible coins and any blockchain created within their platform.

It operates on a Basilisk mode; a lightweight platform that allows users to access the app without downloading blockchain.

Powered by the bitcoin protocol, Agama supports rapid syncing, which is merely blockchain syncs, and also parallel syncing, which is syncing of multiple coins.

Agama also has an in-built exchange platform where traders may exchange altcoins for fiat money.

You can have anonymous payments using the integrated komodo wallet.

Agama is also great for its price stability, as it imports your local currency to block chain.

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See, its the most advanced bitcoin wallet app, at least feature-wise.

And what’s more, Agama is open source, unlike Pheeva hot wallet.

Agama features

Agama website


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