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Afghani Woman Using Bitcoin to Empower Women

Afghanistan is famous for its oppression of the weaker sex.

Yet, an Afghani woman, Roya Mahboob, has fought the odds, and emerged as a beacon of hope among women not only in Afghanistan but around the world.

afghani woman used bitcoin to rescue women

In her late teens, Roya had secretly taught herself how to code, even though it was against her family’s principles.

Next she started her tech company in Afghanistan and made a point of employing women only.

When an international journalist covered her, the media attention was both a blessing and a curse; on the one hand, the international community was supportive of what Roya was doing, and on the other hand, her extremists compatriots made her life hell.

So she fled home and came in America, but her passion to help Afghani women persisted, grew stronger even. Roya got to launch more businesses and employed women as before and in order to avoid being found out, she’d pay her workers with bitcoin!

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Recorded in the blockchain, bitcoin payments make for pseudnymous transactions, and its hard to track down parties.

Passionate about helping Afghani women who are oppressed by both religion and society, Roya has no plans to slow down or stop altogether.

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